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25+ years experienced former CEO



Hailing from the small country town of Peak Hill in outback Australia, Rob worked his way around the world and through the ranks of hospitality to become CEO of one of the largest hotel brands in the United Kingdom.

His career has been defined by the onset of the internet. Combining his operational experience and training with his online distribution background pathed the way for a 10+ year career in Revenue Management and Digital Marketing.

Rob transitioned to private equity in 2011 and successfully managed several hotel turnarounds creating significant value in preparation for exit. After several turnarounds, he eventually progressed to CEO of one of Great Britain's largest hotel brands where he led a major repositioning of the brand returning it to growth and record membership.


"Robs career has been defined by the onset of the internet."

Rob is also the author of Flip and Decide with Confidence, a book that combines his years of research into decision-making and his real-world experience both in the fast-paced corporate environment, where time is a competitive resource, and his personal life through entrepreneurship, relationships, and sport. Flip and Decide with Confidence has been described as a balanced compromise between the flaws of intuition and the time perils of modern business.


Could your organization benefit from someone who has been at the coalface of business and understands the real-world challenges and time pressures? Book a call with Rob today.



If you’ve ever been plagued by indecision, you don’t have to let it take over, cause you to miss opportunities, doubt your choices, or stress and agonise over what to do next. Instead, use this framework to make decisions faster and more confidently, every time.


Flip and Decide will help you:

  • Understand the science of decision-making

  • Make assured decisions, faster

  • Act without hesitation or doubt

  • Live with purpose and forward momentum

  • Create unstoppable confidence

  • Avoid the tragedy of regret

  • And so much more!


Indecision shouldn’t rule your life. Start making faster and more reliable decisions with confidence.

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Everyone has the capacity to achieve remarkable results with the confidence to make firm decisions and endeavour to succeed. The Grind Academy podcast shares stories from the Academy of Life, not always taught at school.
Join Rob as he chats with top international athletes, business identities and life specialists. Be inspired and learn what drives some of the brightest and most successful individuals on the planet.

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