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Have a great idea but are not ready to quit your 9 to 5? A Grind Scholarship is for you. We'll develop your idea and mentor you along the way until your business can sustain your full-time income in return for an equity share.


A Grind Scholarship is your ticket to kick-start that technology idea you've had but not the time or money to develop. 

At Grind, we will set up a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), so your intellectual property (IP) is protected and you can retain majority ownership of your successful company. In addition, we will fully fund the development of your idea, and our business mentors will guide you through the first establishing months of product development, ensuring the product is fit-for-market, and your startup has the best chance of success.

When the product is ready for market, we can then help gain Angel investment, prepare marketing collateral, and structure/resource the business appropriately so you can quit the 9 to 5 and supercharge the product.

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who pays for it?

A Grind Scholarship is funded through an equity share. After a successful minimum viable product (MVP) is created and you begin to generate an income or gain funding, we will hand the product over to you and either remain a part shareholder or exit the investment via various available buyout paths.


The average equity value you share is approximately 20%, so you are left as the major stakeholder and owner of your idea. Should you choose not to pursue the start-up, there is no financial penalty to you. We assume the entire financial risk on your behalf, so it's in our interest that you succeed as a tech entrepreneur.

Get in touch today to kickstart your fantastic idea and start your entrepreneurial career


Our mentors are experienced business professionals who are current or former CEO's and know what they would buy and what they wouldn't. Our mentors have all run successful startups. They've bootstrapped their own ventures, gained market traction, attracted multiple rounds of investment and sold their businesses for huge profits.


If you have an idea you've been wanting to develop, apply today to learn how you can begin your new life as a tech entrepreneur risk-free. 

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